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Policing is in the news daily and the subject of considerable research. Here Secure 1776 provides links and public safety analysis on both articles and research of note.

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* News Articles – with our analysis and links to news items related to the profession, as well as editorials from our founder.

* Research Blog – with our analysis and links to research related to the profession, as well as training insights from our founder.

Selected Secure 1776 online posts, editorialsresearch analysis, and training insights have been republished under our collaboration with the Law Officer site. Additionally, we have formally published several professional and research articles. To read the articles and research published by the members of Secure 1776 go to the Our Articles section.

Check back to this section often for more public safety analysis and information! Staying up to date on news and research related to your field is the mark of a professional. As you read and review, consider the framework of constitutional policing. Public safety in America must be built from the foundation of the United States Constitution.

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