Working with Others

Secure 1776 is proud to be working with others to advance public safety and enhance the policing profession. Our collaboration efforts include the following agencies and organizations. Working with others is a key to enhancing the profession.

Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board – Executive Institute

At the invitation of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board – Executive Institute (ILETSB-EI), Thomas Lemmer, the founder of Secure 1776, has developed and presented key management accountability content. His half-day seminar, entitled “Why and How to Measure Police Performance,” has been provided to Illinois police chiefs and command staff. This training session is part of the Executive Institute’s comprehensive three-week training program: Police Executive Role in the 21st Century (PER21C). Learn more about the ILETSB-EI’s full training program via their 21st Century overview page. Beyond the institute’s three-week program, our performance measurement principles course can be presented directly to client agencies. For more information and to schedule a session, see our accountability course summary page.

From this collaboration effort, Lemmer also developed the full-day seminar entitled, “Engagement that Meets the Mission.” This course covers the related topics of supervisory engagement and management accountability. The comprehensive engagement seminar continues to be offered periodically by the ILESTB-EI. It is also directly available for interested client agencies. For more information and to schedule a session, see our accountability and engagement course summary page.

Lemmer has previously developed training for the Executive Institute on the topics of supervisory engagement and the development of a school violence response plan. A one-hour webinar version of the course “Understanding the Eight Levels of Supervisory Engagement” was previously available via the ILETSB-EI Online Learning Network. The success of this webinar led the Executive Institute to bring these leadership to its in-person programming.

An upcoming course for the ILETSB-EI will draw upon Lemmer’s Six Police Policy Principles. We continued to be honored to work in collaboration with the Executive Institute.

Warriors on the Wall

Jim Bontrager, founder of the Warriors on the Wall,” describes the effort as “a network of like-minded public servants fully engaged in a Heaven-sent mission to bring life and hope to their families, communities and country.” In addition to running the annual “Breaching the Barricade Law Enforcement Conference,” and an annual police appreciation day, the project actively advances fellowship and life-skills development for law enforcement officers and their families.

Thomas Lemmer, the founder of Secure 1776, is assisting in the effort to better understand the role leadership has within the profession and enhance its positive impact. Leadership is among the most complex and challenging areas of the law enforcement profession. In order for the profession to meet its public safety mission, effective leadership must occur at all levels, and in a manner consistent with community expectations. Strengthening the bonds within policing and between the police and larger community is an all-levels leadership challenge. Among the collaborative efforts under this project, Lemmer has initiated our comprehensive Leadership Video Series. This series is available here under “Our Published Videos” section and via the Warriors on the Wall site.

The Breaching the Barricade Conference

Lemmer is scheduled to present two sessions at the next “Breaching the Barricade” conference on September 30, 2022. The first course will be, “So you ask yourself why me? Why now? This session will: acknowledge the current public safety challenges and dangers; identify the essential nature of the work performed by the police; remind those within the profession of the continuing support from most in the community; draw inspiration from those who gave the last full measure of devotion; and provide encouragement for the difficult work ahead. In the second session, will provide an introduction to the essential Eight Levels of Supervisory Engagement Model.

Secure 1776: Lemmer Promo Video for the 2022 BTB Conference.

Last year, he presented two courses at the October 8, 2021 Breaching the Barricade conference.

TJL at BTB 2021

First, the “Responding to a Tragedy-Free Policing, Or Else Standard” course. Second, our “All-Levels Leadership” course, which that builds from of our Leadership Video Series.

You can listen to the audio from Lemmer’s first session, Responding to a ‘Tragedy-Fee Policing,’ Or Else Standard,” via the below audio player.

Thomas Lemmer, “Confronting a ‘Tragedy-Free Policing,’ or Else Standard,” presented on 8 Oct 2021.

You can also listen to the audio from Lemmer’s second session, Leadership is an All-Levels Responsibility,” via this second audio player.

Thomas Lemmer, “Leadership is an All-Levels Responsibility,” presented on 8 Oct 2021.

We encourage you to watch Jim Bontrager’s 2021 conference and appreciation day three-minute video wrap-up clip.

Warriors on the Wall: Jim Bontrager’s Summary of the 2021 Conference and Appreciation Day | Posted 20 Oct 2021.

Also view the promo video we prepared for the October 2021 BTB conference. This two-minute video gives an overview of our “Responding to a Tragedy-Free Policing, Or Else Standard” course.

Breaching the Barricade Conference Presentation Video Introduction | Conference Date 8 Oct 2021:
Responding to a Tragedy-Free Policing, Or Else Standard

Other Collaboration Ideas?

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Working with others is a key to advancing public safety and enhancing the policing profession. Do you have an idea on where Secure 1776 might participate in another collaboration effort impacting public safety or enhancing the profession? Let us know.

To share your ideas, or to ask for additional information email us at

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