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Welcome to Secure 1776, a public safety professional resource. This site is dedicated to helping foster enhanced public safety – particularly in the field of law enforcement.

We offer professional training and consulting services, as well as analysis of key news and research related to public safety.

Without question, America is in the midst of a public safety crisis. The way forward must be a proactive one. In this effort, it is essential for us not to be deceived by those who are seeking perpetual division for their own ideological and political purposes. When the police are one with the community, the community is safer, freer, more stable, and better positioned to help foster the improved health and well-being of all the community’s members.

Thomas J. Lemmer

Secure 1776 - A Public Safety Professional Resource

Four Main Sections of Our Site

Training and Consulting Services: Secure 1776 is proud to offer key training services on the topics of policing, supervisory engagement, and accountability, as well as consulting and analytical services in support of the public safety profession. Learn more about our training and consulting services.

Our Media: In this section Secure 1776 provides access to our independent research and analysis efforts published in research journals and professional publications, as well as our new online video series. Our articles and videos examine core topics relating to public safety, community policing, juvenile delinquency, gang crime, police operations, supervision, and leadership. Go to the “Our Media” sub-menu to read and view our original content.

Working with Others: Professional partnerships expand our scope and give us opportunities to both teach and learn from others. Secure 1776 and Thomas Lemmer are actively working with others to enhance the profession, with a focus on enhanced policing and officer wellness. Learn more about our key collaboration efforts.

In the News and Research: Policing is in the news daily and the subject of considerable research. Here Secure 1776 provides links and analysis on both articles and research of note. Go to the “In the News and Research” sub-menu to learn more.

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