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Selected Secure 1776 posts have been republished through our collaboration with Here, as a resource, we provide the links and PDF copies to those shared content items.

Sound of Freedom, Over the Trafficking Target

Excerpt from our original Secure 1776 post:

“Last week, on the Fourth of July, the film Sound of Freedom was released in theaters. The release had been delayed for years. The criticism the film has received since its release has also been unusual. There is a key connection between the delayed release and the post release criticism. The film is based on a true story, and that story is beyond ugly. The film builds from the efforts of former Homeland Security Special Agent Tim Ballard and his efforts to confront the scourge of child trafficking. Sound of Freedom is compelling, must see viewing about the international child sex trade. The film spares the audience from the actual abuse images, but captures the horror of the reality that exists. We urge you to see this moving film..”


Secure 1776 on Law Officer - Sound of Freedom
Secure 1776 Content: Republished by Law Officer on 29 July 2023.

NPR, AP, Pandemic and Traffic Deaths

Excerpt from our original Secure 1776 post:

“Going back to the height of THE pandemic, polling by Gallup showed public confidence in key institutions was low. Even as the news media has pushed narratives focusing on other institutions, the public held the media in very low regard. Like trust in Congress low. There are many reasons to hold the media in low regard. A leading choice since 2020, THE pandemic excuse. That excuse was a favorite for the Associated Press (AP) and others in the media. While ridiculous, the beyond simplistic cover story was used to explain away huge problems caused by horrible public policies. Issues like a crushed economy. Well sure. But also rising violence and even reckless driving. But, this week National Public Radio (NPR) read from a new script. Rising traffic deaths just may have more to do with the consequences from lessened traffic enforcement by the police than Covid. Shocking. Well not really.”


Secure 1776 Content: Republished by Law Officer
Secure 1776 Content: Republished by Law Officer on 8 April 2023.

New Years, Not Public Safety Magic

Excerpt from our original Secure 1776 post:

“At Secure 1776 we waited a week to issue our New Year’s post to make a point. There is no special magic at the stroke of midnight ending the last day of any December. Not with the dropping of a ball in Times Square, nor with the dropping of a musical note in Nashville. Not with the flipping of the calendar to any January 1st. As far as holidays go, New Years commemorates little more than Ground Hog Day does. Time passes. It is true that most of us seek more time. Time to get things right. Many hope to achieve significant accomplishments, and have more time for enjoyment. Yet, individually and as a society we tend to waste a lot of time. We tend not to spend enough of it seeking truth. Such is the case with the public safety crisis that continues in far too many communities.”


Secure 1776 Content: Republished by Law Officer on 8 January 2023.
Secure 1776 Content: Republished by Law Officer on 8 January 2023.

Media continues to blame pandemic for crime

Excerpt from our original Secure 1776 post:

“The Associated Press (AP) continues to publish stories suggesting a causation link between THE pandemic and crime. No, not investigative journalism seeking to examine whether a virus was created through banned gain of function research. Not journalism suggesting the use of a biological weapon as a war crime. Simply, crime and violence on our streets. AP continues to cite THE pandemic as a key explanation for the continuing lawlessness that exploded in 2020 across America. As we all know, the spark of that explosion occurred in May 2020 in Minneapolis. Yet, let us not forget, that just days before that spark, the news media was citing THE pandemic as the reason why crime in America was declining. It is beyond time to stop using THE pandemic as a bogeyman to gloss over the lawlessness issue that persists in far too much of our nation.”


Secure 1776 on Law Officer - Media Blames Pandemic
Secure 1776 Content: Republished by Law Officer on 28 October 2022.

American Independence Day….Our Day

Excerpt from our original Secure 1776 post:

“The Fourth of July is the most common, and date specific reference to a momentous historical event. The declaration of American independence by thirteen British colonies. Even now, American Independence Day is our day. I mean that both for all of us as Americans, and for Secure 1776. When I was setting up my consulting firm and website, I did so out of concern for both my profession and for my nation. Within our national borders, no profession is more directly related to securing the blessings of liberty than the one whose members have sworn an oath to the United States Constitution, and in that act, committed themselves, at the risk of their own lives, to enforcing the law, seeking public safety, and defending individual liberty.

The courage, commitment, and unity displayed on July 4th, 1776 should, to this very day, be passionately honored, celebrated, and advanced by all Americans. For those concerned about justice, equality, liberty, and public safety, American Independence Day, should provide encouragement and renewed commitment to the principles on which the nation was founded. At Secure 1776, we still believe that all people are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”


Secure 1776 on Law Officer - American Independence Day
Secure 1776 Content: Republished by Law Officer on 4 July 2022.

A Less Than Ideal Police Discipline Process

Excerpt from our original Secure 1776 post:

“Addressing complaints of police misconduct are a challenging core responsibility for police leaders. Such is also true for those agencies with police oversight responsibilities. It is essential for the complaint and discipline processes to maintain professional standards, identify false accusations, foster police legitimacy, enhance officer performance, and when allegations are sustained, differentiate between errors and true misconduct. While the Chicago Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is not an agency above criticism itself, they made a key and valid point with their report released yesterday. In a press statement, the OIG sharply criticized the agencies in Chicago tasked with investigating and addressing discipline in sustained police misconduct cases. At Secure 1776, we have previously noted the failings of the city’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA). Here we remind those city officials of what they must ensure when handling complaints of police misconduct.”


Secure 1776 on Law Officer - Less Than Ideal Police Discipline Process.
Secure 1776 Content: Republished by Law Officer on 4 July 2022.

The Essential Police Policy Principles

Excerpt from our original Secure 1776 post:

“Leadership is always a much discussed topic and concern within the law enforcement profession. Leadership is a complex and dynamic topic. In such discussions, the styles of those tasked with leadership responsibilities are often the primary focus. Yet there is style, which is important, and then there is substance. Often overlooked are the mechanics of the formal leadership processes that guide the functions and operations of an agency. If a chef’s recipes can make or break a restaurant, which they can, so too should we view the policies of a police agency. A bad recipe can leave a bad taste, or worse.”

“A bad policy can undermine a department’s operations, or worse – much worse. Bad policies can destroy officer morale, misdirect resources, complicate procedures, create inefficiencies, and impede effectiveness. Bad policies can cost millions in civil damages, litigation defense, and remediation efforts. In policing, officer safety should always be a priority concern, and bad policies can, and do, place individual members at risk. Bad policies can cost lives. Bad policies can also undermine the very public safety mission of a police department. Even as all of this is true, policy development is often foolishly approached much like art. The untrained observer is left to just know supposedly good policy when they see it. Such is a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, there is a better approach for police policy development.”


Secure 1776 on Law Officer - Essential Police Policy Principles
Secure 1776 Content: Republished by Law Officer on 4 July 2022.

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