Lemmer Presenting Twice at the ILACP’s 2022 MSPCE

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP) is presenting the 2022 Midwest Security & Police Conference/Expo (MSPCE) on 18 and 19 August 2022, at the Tinley Park Convention Center, in Tinley Park, Illinois. This annual expo showcases the latest products and services for law enforcement and security professionals. The event also hosts a comprehensive training conference accredited by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board. Thomas Lemmer, the Founder of Secure 1776, LLC will be presenting two executive training sessions during the conference on 19 August 2022. Registration is free for law enforcement and security personnel.

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Tragedy-Free Policing and Management Accountability

Lemmer’s first 2022 MSPCE training session is entitled: “Demands for Tragedy-Free Policing and Management Accountability.” During 2020, across America, seismic damage was inflicted upon the police-community relationship. The nation’s police officers were cast by increasingly successful political forces into the role of “them”- that is to say, the police profession is to an alarming degree being separated from the communities it serves. Whenever the police are viewed as separate and apart from the community, the police will fail in their public safety efforts, disorder and violence will increase, and an increased frequency of incidents viewed as abuses of authority are inevitable. Both public officials and the public-at-large have been increasingly urged by activists (aided by the media and others) to view the police against a deliberately unattainable standard that can best be described as “tragedy-free” policing.

Within this changed policing environment, management accountability approaches must go beyond traditional activity measures. Lemmer’s CompStat implementation experience while he was a Deputy Chief for the Chicago Police Department provided key insights. He identified what can be described as the “Three R’s” oversight approach. “Readiness,” examining factors relating to agency preparations to meet its assigned responsibilities. “Response,” examining factors relating to the agency’s activities and operations. “Reach,” examining factors relating to the agency’s internal staff utilization and coordination between agency units and with other agencies and the community. These “Three R’s” can improve agency effectiveness and help build external agency support. Learn more about our “Why and How to Measure Police Performance” course offerings, and how to bring this training to your agency, by going to our course overview page for this training.

All-Levels Leadership

Lemmer’s second 2022 MSPCE training session is entitled: “Leadership is an All-Levels Responsibility.” When we first think about the topic of leadership, we often make an immediate association with a person holding a formal title. Yet leadership is a far more comprehensive concept, particularly in professions where lives can be on the line. Events in policing can spiral into crisis quickly, requiring immediate action to prevent or respond to tragedy. Such are leadership moments, even when no formal leader is on the scene. “All-levels” leadership was a key topic within our Leadership Video Series.

Our Published Videos | Leadership Series: All Levels Responsibility | Released 9 SEP 2021

Each police officer, even those not holding a formal rank has the sworn duty to lead by example on two key levels. First, within the community that the officer serves. Second, among the other members of the officer’s unit, department, and profession. The best formal leaders understand that fundamentally, leadership is about persuasion. These leaders, draw upon their own informal (or relational) leadership abilities, and they do not rely upon the power of their rank alone to get others to act. They inspire. The best leaders understand that leadership is more than words – it is the full expression of all of their actions. They develop and draw upon the skills of those around them. They understand a fundamental truth – in life, none of us can do absolutely everything ourselves. This is true for the newest police officer, and for the chief of police.

Learn more about our “All-Levels Leadership” course offerings, and how to bring this training to your agency, by going to our course overview page for this training.

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Secure 1776 – Public Safety Professional Resource, LLC also provides several client training, consulting, research, and analytical service options. Core areas of expertise include community policing, juvenile crime, gangs, violence, patrol operations, police and public safety policy development, internal investigations, supervisory engagement, and management accountability. Go to our Training and Consulting Services Tab to learn more about how we can assist your agency.

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